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G13/ Windi
Has been working in the event industry for a long time ... in the stage construction and rigging team. Works for the elite forklift drivers of Switzerland.
Organizer of various events.

Musical background:
Tambourine player, drummer at a young age ...! Then came the age of electronic music as a DJ. In the beginning with records, CDs & then, well, then...? Producing with Ableton ... & now he plays live. That means he uses his own produced samples, tracks, voices, sounds & he follows his feeling for his sound during his up to 2 hour sets ...
From driving basses, dry minimal or melodies, everything is included.
G13 can not be categorized in any genre. But that doesn't mean that the sound isn't an attraction at every electronic event & throws its positive, driving force over the dancers.

Still fit at 43 (born 80) & sound as the elixir of life, happily married,
Hobbies keep me young ....

Interested in visiting the studio312 homebase of G13? Then get in touch ...!
Also to find out when the next gigs or one of his legendary studio parties will take place.

If you haven't done it, you don't know if it works"!
If you don't like me, you should work on yourself ....!

Or you can leave it ...:-)

I'm happy about your support
And I will always do my best ......

Thank you very much